Monday, May 17, 2010

Really down

We went to the new neurologist with my dad today. We didn't get good news but we didn't get bad news. She thinks that there are a few different things it could be and she's being very proactive. Which is alot more than we got from the other dr.
The one thing she definately said is that he has slight dementia. One common misconseption is that dementia is the first sign of alzheimers disease, which isn't always true. It just basically means that you don't have the same memory that you used to. Not great news, but not horrible news. We know that my dad has a hard time remembering.
On to the atrophy... It may or may not be atrophy. It may be a big cyst, which is not good news! If it's a cyst then he has to have it removed. She really didn't want to go into all of that until she has a radiologist (who specializes in brains) take a look at the MRI. She may also have another MRI taken, and some blood work.
All in all, I am upset with the news, but I am happy with the way the dr. is treating this. The last dr. treated it as if my dad was just some old man!
We should find out in no longer than a week.

Things really haven't been going my way lately. I've been really down. It's like I've fallen in a hole and I can't crawl out. I just need a boost, something to go right in my life. I'm trying to think of all the good things in my life in order to make myself feel better. I have an awesome husband, who would do anything for me, I have a house, 2 beautiful dogs and a gorgeous cat, a job with people I love to work with, a family that loves me. Shouldn't that be enough? I don't know. I hope I start seeing the glass as half full again soon!


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Prayers can change faith! Sad to hear this news and Hope you be doing Good by this Christmas..

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mary brown said...

I've been kind of a mess over all of this. My dad, is probably, the best dad in the world. He has taught me so much over the years. He has taught me to be an independant

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